Assos earlyWinterGloves_s7


Top Features of the Assos earlyWinterGloves_s7

Combine with insulatorGlove L1 for freezing conditions
Unisex, racing cut
10 patterns and five components for perfect fit
Three different textiles optimises performance
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    About Winter Gloves

    Winter cycling gloves are designed to keep your hands warm, windproof gloves are especially good at this as they stop the winds chill from reaching your fingers. Many models incorporate a waterproof membrane to prevent the insulation layer getting wet, this is important as water carries the cold quickly. They are shaped so they’re comfortable in the usual riding position and the fingers are usually pre-curved. If your riding position puts a lot of weight on your hands, choose gloves with padded palms, some even feature gel inserts for additional comfort and shock absorption. Alternatively, wear your summer cycling gloves underneath a slightly larger pair of insulated winter gloves.

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